Our Mission And Core Values

We are the Best-In-Class.

JK Premier Marketing’s elite team comprises of highly-educated military spouses who have diverse backgrounds and outstanding talent.

As military families, we understand what it means to be resilient. The military life conditions us to meet specific criteria that instill in each of us the skillsets and characteristics required to be the best. We already function with the high expectation of being America’s Finest, and we translate that into everything we do.

We know how to perform under pressure, meet tight deadlines, and adapt to situations when the unexpected arises.

We have exemplary character and leadership skills ingrained into us.

We can be counted on to perform independently with self-motivation and strong management skills.

We are remarkably competent, creative, highly motivated, and ever resourceful.
Most importantly, we know how to align with someone else’s vision and carry it out successfully.

JK Premier Marketing recognizes the incredible intelligence and talent within our military community. Our mission is to tap into this synergy and provide opportunity for military spouses to showcase their skills and expertise.

Military spouses are often the overlooked hero with professional degrees that aren’t fully utilized with the demands of moving, deployments, or state licensing. The unemployment rate for military spouses is 20-24% compared to their civilian counterparts at 4.4-7%.

Our mission is to support military spouses as they serve and support our great Country.

At JK Premier Marketing, we expect the best because we are made up of the Best. We are the premier marketing company.