Welcome to JK Premier Marketing


I would like to be the first to officially welcome you to JK Premier Marketing. We greatly value our relationship with you and look forward to all the exciting endeavors we will accomplish together.

As a part of JK Premier Marketing, our goal is to empower you and enhance your skills. You are not treated as an employee or vendor. You are treated as an amazing powerhouse of talent and an industry leader in your space.

We rely on the knowledge and guidance of everyone we collaborate with. As a leader, I am here to cast the vision. I work in my area of expertise and hire brains and talent for all the other needs inside the company. If you are reading this now, then you’ve been recognized as an expert in your market and we acknowledge you as a trusted advisor. We are relying on you to help guide this company toward success.

We always hire character. The inside of a person is what matters to us. The hunger to learn and develop into a better person, the desire to always be and produce the best, and the dedication to make a positive impact on our company, our clients, and our families – is what matters to us.

Inside this company, we invest in you. We desire for your skillsets and industry knowledge to vastly grow. But, more importantly we want you to feel successful in the areas of personal development, leadership, and family.

We believe you are important, special, and full of amazing passion the world needs to know about. This is a place for you to shine and we want you to shine bright.

I would like to thank you for allowing us the great privilege to work together and accomplish great things. Let’s shine bright, together.

– Jamie Kight, Owner